Friday, April 2, 2010


Next Thursday, April 8th is RAW Dessert Night, MY house @ 7:00 pm. If you are interested in helping to make a RAW dessert I could email you a recipe. I will demo how to make a pie crust using nuts and dates in a food processor. Sometimes the biggest hurdle in transitioning to RAW food is wrapping your head around how to make these food items in a new/non-traditional way. . . I will also demo how to open a Young Thai Coconut.

Here is are a Salad Recipe helpful and ideas from Jodi

My "salad" if that is what you can call it.
I break apart several broccoli spears into bite size pieces
Add fresh strawberries cut into quarters
slivered almonds
Use your favorite vinaigrette dressing to top and voila a side dish that is yummy, colorful and different.

Then I like to keep a mix of peppers (all three colors), green onions and carrot in a container in the fridge. I only keep enough to last a few days. When I am busy I can just throw these veggies on some greens, add a fresh tomato, and a few almonds and I have an instant salad. I have used it as a base to many other things also.

Also, Teresa learned why we use a Salad Spinner, because the oil in our vinaigrette won't stick to wet leaves . . .

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