Wednesday, June 3, 2009


What am I thinking????

I follow an Awesome blog by the Lazy Organizer. Let's just say she makes me think. . . Maybe too much and definitely way more than my family would like me to be thinking. I've always been into self improvement books and working on myself and family. Much to their chagrin. But I'm nuthin compared to Lara. So when she went RAW (that's an eating terminology for eating only RAW foods)about 6 - 9 months ago. I was thinking. . . "What is she thinking? She's nuts!" Now here I am, maybe I'm just nuts for following her lead. However, research on the internet (seriously the internet is AWESOME) has lead me to make my own conclusion that my health and that of my family will be exponentially benefited by adopting this lifestyle. So family start your engines . . . and GO!

I have 3 teenagers in this house and an almost 4 year old. He's actually the whole cause of this. . . He's our surprise baby. Since DH and I were in our 40s when he was born, we decided that we need to take better care of ourselves so we have the energy to keep up with him, and hopefully that we'll still be alive and kicking when he makes it to manhood!! Let's say the teens think I'm nuts, and aren't too thrilled to have to deal with my new course. I might mention that I also have 3 kids that are out of the house; Daughter 24 married and has a 1 year old, 2 boys in college 22 & 20. They are WAY glad that they are out of the house before their mom went whacko!!

Journaling is apart of starting this new lifestyle and I'm actually blogging because one of the online sources actually suggested it. That source would be Kristen Suzanne. She encouraged to make the journal a blog because one can get feedback from a blog, and there is much more commitment when you let people know what you're doing. I was a bit apprehensive to blog, mainly cuz I have 3 other blogs that I should be paying attention to, but this has consumed my life for the moment, and I feel the need to go with it.