Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Beginners

Well, DH just happened to mention in a talk at church that I'm doing something new with my diet. Thanks Dear! No pressure now to keep up with this new lifestyle.

Seriously, I have NO desire to go back to the Standard American Diet (SAD) because I feel so terrific now, I NEVER want to go back!!!

So for all those who are asking questions I'm going to start posting some beginner's help.

#1 - Cut out Sodas, caffeine. . .
#2 - Drink 1/2 - 1 Quart of Green Smoothie a day

What is a green Smoothie - it's probably the healthiest drink you'll ever have and it's so easy to make, this is how I do mine.

In my blender (Blend Tec) I put 2 cups of water and I smash in as much baby spinach into that 2 cups as I can just by hand. I blend that up. Then I add 2 TBS honey, 2 handfuls of frozen peaches, 1 handful of frozen strawberries, 1 banana. Set my BlendTec to XL Smoothie and let it whirl! I then pour this into 2 Quart size glass jars evenly and add enough water to bring both up to full. Now there's a quart for DH and a quart for me. And seriously our bodies appreciate the nourishment! When we're out of town we don't get these at all. We got home and made and drank our first GSmoothies and our bodies went AAHHHHH! That's is so good!

I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy. But it's true. Think about trying to eat all that spinach in just one meal. It would take forever for you to chew through all the spinach and eat like 2 peaches and a handful of strawberries! But the blender just did the biggest part of digestion for you! It's all liquified and all you have to do is drink the nutrition down!

So this is just a basic beginning. There is no hard fast rule for GSmoothies. Except that it needs some green stuff and fruit in it. So as a beginner start off with not so much green stuff. Spinach is good because it's a really mild flavored green, but you can substitute any leafy green, kale, chard, romaine, arugula, etc. . . Granted some are stronger tasting than others. So start with spinach and add others as you want to experiment. As for the fruit, Go for it! Apples, bananas, cherries, apricots, blueberries. One of my favorites is Apricots with blackberries! And your GSmoothie doesn't turn out green!! You don't need the honey in there either, but it helps sweeten it up a bit. Just DON'T put in White Sugar or an artificial sweetener. Go with RAW honey, or Grade B Maple Syrup. Just the sweetness from the fruit is best, but adding just a touch of a more natural sweetner is OK.

Hope that helps!! Feel free to post comments, suggestions, or questions.

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  1. This sounds great....I can't wait to make it.
    Tell me a normal daily menu....what do you eat? HOw do you eat out?
    I am interested in this. I'm off soda, so I have one thing done.


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