Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What are you planning?

I never know whether I should say. . . Hi I'm back! Because I doubt anyone missed me, but I'm back!

Actually I'm on vacation with the hubby while he's working, I finally have time to Blog! I might actually update the family blog, that the kids have been bugging me to update.

While we were packing for the trip and getting our mindset for the vacation, hubby asked me "How are we going to eat? You know we're going to be on vacation, and it's going to be hard." It made me think about how much we think about food and how we connect vacationing with "treating" ourselves with food.

So my Question is. . . Do we plan to Succeed? or Do we plan to Fail?

I hope that I plan to succeed while I'm on vacation. It's a challenge to me to find ways to succeed. I'm excited to find restaurants that have raw/vegan options. It's a problem to figure out and I find it challenging to be on vacation and eat right. . . But there are some who plan to fail with the thinking I'm on vacation and there are no options to eating the way I know I should. . .

I hope that we can overcome the ingrained thinking that we're going to Fail. Let's all SUCCEED!!

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