Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Raw Food Restaurant

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on the computer searching for Raw Food or Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in the Boston area. I found a Raw Food restaurant only about 10 minutes away from where we were staying! Yippee! I even called to make sure that they were open because a Raw Food restaurant that I found in Boston last year has closed. . . Sad. . . But the Prana Cafe is OPEN!! So hubby called and got directions. It was a little confusing getting there, but we made it. I was going to be sure and take pictures. . . guess what? I FORGOT!!! Ugh! I was so upset with myself as we were leaving.

We decided to share an appetizer, a salad, an entree and then we each had our own dessert. We had the Onion Bread with Olive Tapenade, this was hubby's favorite of the night. then the Best Salad (their version of a Caesar salad) it was BIG and yummy. The Lasagna was very pretty and yummy. A neighboring diner commented to the server that the Lasagna was a little bland, and we agreed. It could have used a bit more Italian seasoning. . .

But all in all the experience was awesome. . . I was just so excited to be actually dining in a place that was dedicated to health!! and hopefully the hubby will see that he can go there and get some healthy yumminess when he comes to Boston on business!

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  1. It's wonderful that more and more restaurants are catering to a healthier lifestyle. Of course nothing is as healthy as staying home and preparing food ourselves but when we have to be away from home we need options!

    I can't decide whose having more fun. You in Boston without children or me at home cleaning out my basement. It's a toss up!!


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