Sunday, May 16, 2010

Juice Feasting Diary - Update

I've been juicing for 6 days now. . . I have had an occasional avocado or a couple of pecans in the late afternoon once or twice, but other than that, just juice. One day I juiced 1/2 a watermelon and drank that for lunch. It was Sooooo yummy! Mmmmmm. I love watermelon. I put the watermelon flesh in the blender seeds and all, blended, strained through my nut milk bag and drank the juice for the whole afternoon! Hudson even drank some with me and loved it!

It's interesting that I've not really craved anything. In my research, they mention how juicing is about freedom. . . freedom from food. I thought, sure... But it's true, I walk through the kitchen and know I can't eat anything, so I don't. I don't have to worry that if I eat something that I will eat too much. . . or not be satisfied. I feel free from making decisions about food because my decision is to drink juice for now.

The "experts" say that you might feel aches and pains from old injuries or from organs that have been overworked by your bad food or drug choices from the past. The only ache that I've experienced is my left knee that I had arthroscopic surgery on 28 years ago. . . I was even surprised to feel the twinge because I haven't even thought about it in ages.

Happy Green Health!

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