Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green Smoothie Cleanse

So a few from our Raw As We Wanna Be group have been doing a Green Smoothie Cleanse. . .. This has been drinking green smoothies for Breakfast and Lunch and eating a RAW savory soup for dinner. Some have substituted a salad for the dinner time, and we have been avoiding nuts and seeds and other fats like avocados as they can slow down the digestive process. We've had some feedback and forth on the yahoo group and most seem to have lost a few pounds and are feeling more energy.

As for Bob and I. . .

Well, he jumped ship last night. He had it in his mind he’d make it to Friday and he did! Whoop! He lost 4 pounds! He can’t comment on how he feels because he’s got a cold that’s bumming him out. . .

As for me, I’m gonna see how long I can go. I might even kick it into high gear next week and do a Juice Feast. I’ll let you know how that goes. One thing I have learned is that I reach for food almost every time I walk through the kitchen! I know it’s pretty pathetic, but I find myself in front of the fridge opening the door to see if there is something that calls to me. On this cleanse, I’ve started telling myself NO! Wow, what a concept. I’ve let myself grab a handful of nuts every time I walk through the kitchen cuz I think they’re healthy, but now I realize that I am eating way too many of them every day and that they are filling me up so that I don’t turn to the greens like I should be doing instead. I’ve also gotten into the mindset that one corn chip isn’t gonna kill me. . . then that turns into probably 10 as I walk back and forth past the bag lying on the counter (that my kids didn’t put away). So guess what? I put it away, and out of sight out of mind really helps. As of yesterday I’m down 4 pounds and would like to get down a few more. . .

Happy Green Health! Let us know how you did, or are still doing. . . Lauri

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