Thursday, October 8, 2009

Catching up! AGAIN!

Sorry, life is crazy and I don't get to sit still and write about my Raw Adventures as often as I'd like to. So, I will probably be having a few posts close together here to get caught up a bit. Sorry, if it overwhelms you! JK

So I went with Hubby, Oldest daughter, grand-daughter and our 4 yo son to Colorado Springs and while we were driving there I started reading a book to hubby. It's my sneaky way to get him to hear the info I've been learning about without his complaining because he has no choice but to stay buckled in and hang on for the ride!

The book I read to him was The China Study. Now I had read many quotes from this book in many of the Raw Food/Whole Food lifestyle books that I've been reading for the last several months. Since I believe what I've been reading, studying, learning I didn't feel like I need to get The China Study and read it. . . just one more book to have to read. But then I ran into a friend at pre-school registration and she asked about my weight loss etc. . . I started telling her and she said, "So you've read The China Study then." I told her nope and she said she had the book so I asked to borrow it. And thus the reading on the trip.

In my study of Raw Food I've read on blogs/books, heard via youtube videos etc. . . people talking about healing themselves from cancer, MS, depression, anxiety, etc. . . and I thought wow that's great, but I was so convinced that if I was diagnosed with cancer or something that I would truly believe that I could heal myself from it with Raw food. But after reading The China Study. I'm a BELIEVER!!! You really need to check it out for yourself. There are excerpts from the book here on Google Books.


  1. What are some of the books that you read to learn more? What made you decide to go raw?

  2. Never mind I just saw the list on the left. But really what made you think of switching.


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